Yuko Nakatani. Born in Kumamoto, and grown up in Aomori. After graduating from a computer collage, I worked for a game graphic company as a graphic designer. I worked on such projects as Gekka-No-Kenshi. I left the company for the U.S.A. in 2000 Fall. Then I studied fine arts at Massachusetts College of Art, and graduated from it with BFA in May, 2006. I live in Kobe as a freelance artist.


I like using acrylic with paper and glue. Sometimes enjoy drawing using photoshop or Artset.


1992-2000 Working at a game graphic company
2005 Co-exhibition “Chocolate” @Someday Cafe, Davis Square, Massachusetts, USA
2005 Group Show “Hide and Seek” @MassArt, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
2007 Solo Exhibition “Hologram” @Cocoroom, Osaka
2008 Co-exhibition “Wicked Good” with Diana Pyatov @Gallery 321
2010 Co-exhibition “(en)counter” with UENO Akihito @Gallery Haruhi
2016 Drawing workshop @Konan Global Zone