“Only a mediocre person is always at his best.”
by W.Somerset Maugham

My work is mediocre. I do not have any special technique which should be hidden behind the artist. It should be open, using paper and glue, sometimes on canvas or on fabric. It is a quite easy technique for everyone. I’m hoping all of us try to use different mediums which we never use before. Normal mediums like pigments, canvas, drawing pad, etc… I guess they limit possibilities of making art. Mediums are everywhere, and they are waiting for us to be used. This time I use strings, papers, and fabrics for my painting. Someday I use people like you as a medium so be careful.  (from massaart 2006 yearbook)


I like using acrylic with paper and glue. Sometimes enjoy drawing using photoshop.


1992-2000 Working at a game graphic company
2005 Co-exhibition “Chocolate” @Someday Cafe, Davis Square, Massachusetts, USA
2005 Group Show “Hide and Seek” @MassArt, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
2007 Solo Exhibition “Hologram” @Cocoroom, Osaka
2008 Co-exhibition “Wicked Good” with Diana Pyatov @Gallery 321
2010 Co-exhibition “(en)counter” with UENO Akihito @Gallery Haruhi
2016 Drawing workshop @Konan Global Zone